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The Internal Affairs Unit of the Chesilhurst Police Department is responsible for ensuring that members of the department meet the highest standards of professional conduct. The Internal Affairs Unit is also responsible for the thorough investigation of all complaints of misconduct against members of the Chesilhurst Police Department.

The Internal Affairs Unit can be contacted by telephone at: 856-767-2768 Ext. 1002 or 1003. Citizens may also visit the Chesilhurst Police Department located at 201 Grant Avenue Chesilhurst, N.J. 08089.

The Four A’s of Internal Affairs

  1. ANYONEAny individual must be permitted to file an Internal Affairs complaint.  It can be a victim, a friend of the victim, a parent, a juvenile (with or without parents), and illegal alien (we are not permitted to ask about immigration status) or it can be anonymous.  ANYONE means ANYONE.
  2. ANY WAYAn Internal Affairs complaint can be filed in ANY WAY.  It could be filed by phone, by letter, written on a napkin, in person…Whatever is best for the person filing.  We cannot make someone show up in person or swear the statement to initiate the complaint process.
  3. ANY TIMEA complaint must be taken regardless of the hour or day of the week.  At no time should a complainant be told to return later, even if the IA officer is unavailable.  ANY law enforcement officer or civilian employee must take a complaint.
  4. ANYTHINGAs long as a complaint has sufficient factual information, the complaint must be investigated.  It is predicated upon the victim’s view of the situation.


Chesilhurst Police Department Citizen Complaint Information Sheet

The members of the Chesilhurst Police Department are committed to providing law enforcement services that are fair, effective and impartially applied. It is in the best interest of everyone that your complaint about the performance of an individual officer is resolved fairly and promptly. The Police Department has formal procedures for investigating your complaint. These procedures ensure fairness and protect the rights of both citizens and law enforcement officers.

  • Your complaint will be sent to a superior officer or a specially trained Internal Affairs Officer who will conduct a thorough and objective investigation.
  • You might be asked to help in the investigation by giving a detailed statement about what happened or providing other important information.
  • All complaints against law enforcement officers are thoroughly investigated.  You will be advised in writing of the outcome of the investigation.
  • If our investigation shows that a crime might have been committed, the county prosecutor will be notified.  You might be asked to testify in court.
  • If our investigation results in an officer being charged with a violation of department rules, you might be asked to testify in a departmental hearing.
  • If our investigation shows that the complaint is unfounded or that the officer acted properly, the matter will be closed.
  • All disciplinary hearings shall be closed to the public unless the defendant officer requests an open hearing.
  • You may contact the Internal Affairs Unit at 856-767-2768 Ext. 1002 or 1003 with any additional information or questions about the case.

It is unlawful to provide information in this matter which you do not believe to be true.  Those who provide false information to members of the Internal Affairs Unit will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Body Worn Cameras

The Chesilhurst Police are using Body Worn Cameras, in compliance with New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines. Officers are using Body Worn Cameras in various ways: to improve evidence collection, to strengthen officer performance and accountability, to enhance agency transparency, to document encounters between police and the public, and to investigate and resolve complaints and officer incidents. Supervisors conduct reviews of the Body Worn Camera entries so that we can better train our officers and work with the community to bring the best services to you. We look forward to building relationships with those around our community so that we can grow and improve. Thank you for helping us with your continued support.

Chesilhurst PD | Body Worn Cameras

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